Decoration, Protection and Privacy with Internal Blinds

Sometimes the architecture maximizes transparency and continuity with the external environment and therefore buildings with large glass surfaces and great transparency are built; for these large creations micro-perforated fabrics are used that allow to obtain internal blinds with the view of the outside even during the hours of greatest solar radiation and at the same time guarantee adequate thermal and light comfort. Privacy and transparency can also be customized by choosing different Open Factor (O.F.) for the same type of fabric - the most common are 1%, 3%, 5% and 10%.

Roller blinds with double fabric- ZEBRARoller blinds with double fabric- ZEBRA
Roller blind O.F. Open Factor 1%Roller blind O.F. Open Factor 1%
Darkening blinds with horizontal reinforcing barsDarkening blinds with horizontal reinforcing bars
String blindsString blinds

Interior blinds in step with modern architecture The architectural trend currently favors "linear" curtains thanks to which the decorative elements are combined with the whole or are minimized, the sheets are in solid colors and the support and control elements are reduced to a minimum. The Solaris Tende planning and design office is able to propose curtains with elements designed ad hoc to integrate them perfectly into the project. Modern architecture, despite its linearity, often takes particular forms, almost even "difficult", such as to require the curtain to adapt to inclined installations or triangular and trapezoidal shapes and for this reason the company must be able to design creations ad hoc.

Modern architecture is very linear, even though it often has peculiar shapes: sometimes, it is very hard to find a blind that fits. This is why specific blinds are necessary: they need to adjust in inclined installations, or in trapezoidal or triangular shapes. This requires specific projects created by a company which is able to design customized solutions.

Venetian blinds with microperforated slatsVenetian blinds with microperforated slats
Rooler blind with steel reinforced fabricRooler blind with steel reinforced fabric
Sliding panelsSliding panels

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