Solutions for every Need

Each project requires different solutions - we offer you our experience and our creativity to identify the best solar shading

Solaris Tende experts will put at your disposal the know-how acquired over the years and the ability to devise even very complex solutions for buildings with a great architectural impact and will guide you towards the ideal solar shading.

We modulate natural light and heat with curtains that represent refined furnishing accessories. Internal and external blinds, vertical and inclined, equipped with manual and motorized controls, manufactured with blackout, filtering and low-emission fabrics, etc… give the possibility to set up private and public spaces with great versatility.

There is the right blind for every project.

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Blinds and Curtains

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Horizontal Blinds

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Infraglass Blinds

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Facade Awnings

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Inclined External Awnings

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External Horizontal Blinds

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Customized Textile Facade

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Textile Partition Foldable

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Sound-Absorbing Textile Panels

pareti divisorie acustiche

Wall Movable Acoustic Partition


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