Horizontal Glazing: Advanced screens integrated into the architecture

Horizontal windows or skylights are another recurring component in modern architecture, sometimes emphasized by the need to build smoke evacuators required by the new regulations. Depending on the use and the environments, Solaris horizontal skylight blinds - Horizon blinds - perform different functions:

  • allow the filtering of light
  • allow the total darkening of the environment
  • they make possible the filtering of light and also the total darkening of the room
Large skylight with 6 Horizon curtains with Soltis fabricLarge skylight with 6 Horizon curtains with Soltis fabric

Horizon Blinds: Roller Blinds for Skylights of all kinds

Horizon is a roller blind system for horizontally or sloped skylights or glazed roofs. The mechanism includes a double box with aluminum side guides and rod control with winch or 230 volt or 110 volt motor with switch or wireless control, which can be connected to sun and temperature sensors for automatic operation. The system provides different types of boxes in shape and size depending on the width and length of the awning. 

The blind can be both filtering and 100% blackout. Used on all skylights, the Horizon awnings are the perfect solution also for luxury yachts, which require a lot of attention in the design phase because they are intended for life at sea and not on land.

Roller blackout blind on yacht skylightRoller blackout blind on yacht skylight

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